Weight Loss Vlog #24

SO SORRY FOR THE DELAY! I posted on my FB page what happened with my upload. Apparently my “upgraded” video editing software was released with a bug that causes it to crash every time you try to upload to YouTube and using Chrome my upload was taking over 6-8 hours. At about 30% it would always hang. However I finally found some workarounds and my next video wont be delayed! #THEYCANTSTOPUS!
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  1. Very nice to see you back!

  2. good job bruh, might have to get into that friday night sweat party

  3. JPSovereignStrikes

    Great to see you back and doing well. I hope that I get my mind back in the game as well. BTW, great shirt! #GONETS

  4. I was wondering where you were bro. Keep the fight going!

  5. FatGuySkinnyWallet

    I like that sweat party idea. It’s good to see you back. ~Khaleef

  6. FatGuySkinnyWallet

    We didn’t want them here anyway! ;-)

  7. naedailylifestyle

    That bracelet is coool! I will definitely have to check out those two girls! I love the fridaynightsweatparty that is awesome! I will definitely participate in that! Great to see you back! xoxo

  8. bigmanshrinking1

    Thank you..I have so much work to do just to get back to where I was..but I think you for watching!

  9. bigmanshrinking1

    Thanks..looking forward to A Day In The Park…and you’re always welcome to the #fridaynightsweat party!

  10. bigmanshrinking1

    LOL I knew you’d like the shirt :-)

  11. bigmanshrinking1

    Im doing my best man…thanks again for watching!

  12. bigmanshrinking1

    Good to be back! Hope to see you @ #fridaynightsweat!

  13. JPSovereignStrikes

    Great job on the video and for getting back. We need to chat soon…I ned to get back badly.

  14. bigmanshrinking1

    Hey! Thank you so much! Yeah I like the bracelet idea too..don’t forget to pick one up :-) And there’s always room for more #fridaynightsweat party goers :)

  15. Glad to see you back :) That bracelet is so cool thats something I would have loved to have when starting my weight loss. :)

  16. You had me at the Hendrix riff. Good to see you bro

  17. You can still wear it! You and your husband have done an AMAZING job! Let the world know! :-)

  18. :-) Thats an awesome riff! Good to see you too!

  19. keep on truckin’ brotha.

  20. where oh where are you. singing me and mrs jones lol you need a stage performance my friend I need to see yo face xx love Tina aka ctrygirl555

  21. Holy wow your videos got awesome! I’ve been away soul searching and missed a lot. Good to see you looking so full of life! I’m back in the game, got a whole exercise thing going on now! Hope youre well man! :) xx

  22. Oh man – have you got the right attitude or what!! Depression and weight gain are a marriage with one feeding off the other but with your frame of mind YOU WILL BEAT BOTH. Love the bracelet too. Great having a supporter and mentor as you mentioned but goog to have something visual to remind yourself of your goals. Great stuff!!

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